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Leader in Insured Deposits and Wholesale Funding

About Us

Anova® Financial is a fixed rate cash management solution, offering easy and stable access to capital for community banks and FDIC insured and competitive rates to our depositors.

Depositors have traditionally traded returns for liquidity and market risk. Now depositors can enjoy a unique blend of CD level returns, high liquidity, and FDIC insured deposit with the ANOVA offering. Anova Financial has positioned itself to be the innovative leader in Insured Deposits.

Depositors such as pension fund managers, trustees, clerks of the court, non-profit organizations, money market portfolio managers, credit unions, insurance companies and private individuals have a new alternative to manage cash that is more secure, daily liquid without sacrificing returns. In addition, depositors may call their money at any time using the ANOVA's patented web-based technology with no penalties or early withdrawal fees.

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